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Pianist Emil Holmström and violinist Eriikka Maalismaa play together because of unexplainable occurrences. Both busy musicians of the Helsinki area, they share a passion for nerd-expressionism. Eriikka and Emil are both eager performers of contemporary music in such groups as Avanti! Chamber Orchestra, Uusinta Ensemble and defunensemble.



The Invasive Species concert series blends styles and “species” that at first sight seem alien to each other: classical music, science, activism, dada, other genres of music, poetry, dance, performance and visual arts as well as eco-crisis awareness. It is also far-off to bring (critical) thinking into classical music, and the club’s roots indeed lie in the specific need to burst the conservative bubble of classical music. Today, when profound and immediate structural changes are inevitable, crisis awareness must also permeate society as a whole. It is therefore relevant that climate and environmental science, verbal and performing arts, and music are all equally represented in concert events. The content of each club is determined by the scientific and artistic performers who take part. In addition to the different arts and disciplines, Invasive Species aims to mix audiences of different types.


An award-winning concert series in Hietsun Paviljonki 

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